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"Hi again! It was delivered yesterday just in time for her first lesson with new horse!  She loves it and it is perfect and beautiful- she has very few brand new items (actually with tack, I prefer used myself!) so this is a treat. T hanks for the super price and your great customer service and we will buy again soon!"  Tabitha

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received my trunk cover and I love it!  It is very well made.  I will definitely be promoting your company to anybody who is looking for a new cover for their trunk. Thanks again". Kelsey

"Hi, The browband is just lovely! Looks fabulous on the boy :) Now to start thinking what color the little Friesian filly will need!! Best", Judy

"You guys rock! I know how hard it is to fill all the orders for tack trunks before Christmas but you guys did it and I can tell you it is going to help make a FANTASTIC Christmas!  Thank you so very much I will refer everybody to you. As I said before you guys Rock!"  Mary O'Neil

"Hi Anna-Marie! J ust wanted to drop you a note about the saddle I purchased through you -- it is PERFECT in fit for both me and Lorelei. And my trainer wholeheartedly approves. I was very nervous about purchasing a saddle I was not able to ride in first, especially a new model that had very few testimonials from other riders, but I am happy to provide one for other riders in the future! I will be back for a browband and a jumping saddle in the future! Best", Erica

"Thank you so much for everything.  I really appreciate your time in helping with fitting as well as your flexibility with the incentive package - that IS REAL customer service! Thank you again - I am very excited!" Amy Lopez

"Hi Anna-Marie, I was looking for a dressage saddle on ebay in Australia and there was a Laser Dressage advertised, I have never heard of this brand, however after looking it up on the net I came across a website called Horsetackreview.com and a lady called Lauren gave the Laser a big thumbs up and a terrific plug for your business, saying you were fantastic to deal with and off course she loved all the freebies as well!!! I am currently in the market for a second hand saddle as I am only an occasional rider so I don't want to spend thousand of dollars for my purpose. Small world eh!  Thanks and have a great day yourself!"  Sonja

"Hi ladies. I just wanted to update you on my saddle since you all worked so hard in making sure it fit my horse and that I was satisfied. I am really loving it! I attached some photos of my horse in his saddle from our last clinic with Peter Atkins. Thank you so much!"  Amy Lopez

"Anna-Marie, I have been riding in the saddle for 2 weeks, really happy with it!  I'll have to send pictures sometime. Happy holidays!"  Kelly Levens

"Hi Anna-Marie, I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for being so helpful with my purchase. I got the boots a few weeks ago and so far, I love them! What great quality at this price point - I've definitely been 'selling' the brand and your business to my clients. Thanks again and best wishes", Crystal Petralli

"I just recieved the browband and although I bought it as a thank you gift for my friend, I just had to open it. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I know she will be thrilled with it. Thank you so much". Jan

"Hello Anna-Marie, Just wanted to let you know that my trunk arrived yesterday and it is GORGEOUS!!!!! Thank you so much for your assistance! It was my birthday present from my husband and arrived a few days early, I couldn't be happier. Thanks again", Heather

"I absolutely LOVE the Laser Trident!  It is perfect, thank you so much for all your help!!!" :) Ashley Miles

"I love them. Wow, they are super. I really did not expect them to be so nice. I have another glitzy browband, but not that nice. Thank you so much, they are beautiful. Happy Holidays to you too. Best always", Tiffany Ballard

"Matthew LOVES his stroller! It is so easy to maneuver.  Thanks' for your speedy delivery".

"Hi there!  I received the lovely Walsh black leather halter and leadline on Friday... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GETTING IT TO ME in time for DRESSAGE AT DEVON!!! My yearling will look awesome!!!  Thanks again for you help and great service!!!" Martha Mitchell


"Good Morning, Just want to let you know that the Isabell Wintec arrived yesterday. Incredibly fast shipping and nicely packed. I am very pleased; it is exactly what I wanted. Love the girth! The saddle shipped with the Wintec cover, which I thought I would need to buy separately. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will continue to visit your ABit of Bling website. Thank you so much". Cindy

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