Front Panels   
The panels on the new Destiny saddle are shaped to fit around the scapula, whereas those on most dressage saddles fit diagonally across it. This promotes maximum freedom of the scapula when the horse is in motionIn addition, the stitch line at the top of the panels in the pommel area has been raised to prevent any contact of the inside of the tree with the side of the horse’s withers, especially when he is asked to flex laterally – an often unnoticed problem. 


Back Panels   
The panels at the back are exceptionally wide and flared to promote maximum weight distribution, which also allows them to wrap around the horse’s back; they are also short behind the cantle so as not to extend past the eighteenth rib.


Because the extension of the flaps down the front of the saddle have no purpose other than to support the knee roll, on the Destiny they have been split, allowing them to float and not interfere with the shoulder muscles, especially on those horses that have dense musculature in that area, such as Friesians and Quarter Horses. 

The wrap-around effect of the Destiny panels 
The wrap-around effect created by the shape of the front of the panels also allows the horse to carry the rider’s weight on the strongest part of his back, closer to the sternum, instead of further back where the ribs are shorter and weaker. 


Billet System 
(Note: the billets are shown outside the sleeve within which they are enclosed on the saddle.
The billet system is equipped with our own Double  Wishbone™ format which allows the pressure from the point strap to be equalized between the points and the rails of the tree, thus eliminating the extreme discomfort and restriction which single point straps create. The saddle is thus anchored at four points instead of the usual two or three and has superior stability. The front billet is longer than the back one to avoid interference with the rider's knee.

The tree has been specially formatted for this saddle. By customizing the laminations in the beech wood construction, the spring tree actually flexes to help it conform to the horse’s back longitudinally, and it even allows some torque to accommodate the lateral twist in his back as he moves. The overall effect is to create a saddle that is not only  extremely comfortable for horse and rider alike, but is also equally ergonomic for both partners!


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Destiny Dressage Saddle by Laser

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